Mortgage Loan, Debt Restructuring, and Loan Workouts

Adler Wellikoff works with clients at all stages of the loan restructuring and workout processes to develop and execute strategies that are carefully tailored to the unique circumstances of any distressed borrower or loan situation.  Obtaining maximum value when faced with a troubled loan or distressed real estate typically starts before the initiation of formal foreclosure or bankruptcy proceedings. Taking a practical and business-oriented approach, we offer comprehensive solutions that reflect the complexities of the particular circumstances in each case. Our experience includes complex interstate transactions involving lenders, banks, special servicers, developers, high net-worth families, wealthy individuals, and borrowers across the country.

Our attorneys advise clients on rights and remedies under all types of loan documents, including credit agreements, promissory notes, guaranties, mortgages, purchase agreements, pooling and servicing agreements, trust agreements, indentures, inter-creditor agreements, leases, and servicing agreements.

We provide representation for many different types of out-of-court distressed debt resolution, including loan restructurings, loan extensions, loan modifications, forbearance, the perfection of security interests in various types of additional collateral, debt-to-equity conversions, note sales, deeds in lieu of foreclosure, confessions of judgment, loan assumptions, purchases and dispositions of REO property, and assignments for the benefit of creditors.