Eminent Domain, Condemnation, Property Rights, and Takings

Adler Wellikoff is experienced with defending, prosecuting, and negotiating eminent domain, condemnation, and private property takings for “public use” matters resulting from government, governmental agency, and utility company actions. In doing so, Adler Wellikoff has been successful procuring significant additional compensation on behalf of its clients.

Eminent Domain is the right of a government or its agent to take private property for public use, with payment of compensation.

Condemnation refers to the legal acquisition of property by a local government or governmental body, such as a local municipality or the Florida Department of Transportation, in connection with road building or widening projects or other private entities for public use, such as FPL, when it needs to acquire land in connection with providing electrical power.

Our property rights attorneys provide legal counsel to clients seeking to protect their property and land use rights and obtain fair compensation for the property being taken or condemned. If you have been contacted about the government’s or another entities intention to seize your property, you need to act quickly to assert your rights.

Contact Adler Wellikoff today so that our attorneys can leverage their experience to design a strategy for you to maximize your recovery and minimize the risks to you or your property.

Adler Wellikoff handles Eminent Domain, Condemnation, Property Rights, and Takings cases throughout Florida.