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Thinking about building a boundary fence with your neighbor?

There's a line from a Robert Frost poem, "good fences make good neighbors." Whether or not that's true, you may be considering building a fence on your property. If you're lucky, at least one neighbor would like a fence, too, and is willing to share the cost of the shared fence. Is it a good idea to work with your neighbor to build a boundary fence?

First of all, you should know that, under Florida law, your neighbors have no obligation to share the cost of a boundary fence. If they do agree to join in the project, only contract law requires them to follow through. So, if you're going to be involved in a shared building project, you should create a written contract.

Startups and an uncertain market

Entrepreneurs who have their own startups in Florida can take certain steps to help ensure that the expansion of their business is successful, even in a market that is uncertain. In order to survive, startups have to incorporate certain changes and adhere to the right business strategies.

One strategy is to make sure that there is an infusion of working capital for the startup until the business is able to create profits on its own. The amount of working capital that is necessary will depend on the manner in which the money will flow through the business, or the working capital cycle.

How to successfully manage sudden wealth

Acquiring sudden wealth can be exhilarating, but also overwhelming. Whether you acquired the wealth from a successful business venture or a lottery win, the steps you take after such gains are critical to protecting your newfound fortune. If you aren’t careful, you can fall victim to “sudden wealth syndrome” where you become unable to manage money, leading to a financial disaster. Luckily, there are ways to prevent this from happening.

Here are two steps that you can take to avoid squandering your estate and losing it all.

Before selling a business

Business owners in Florida may have various reasons for wanting to sell their business. In order to make the best decisions regarding the sale of a business and to be satisfied with the results, an entrepreneur has to make sure that they do their due diligence and prepare in advance.

One thing to know before selling a business is whether the valuation of the enterprise is accurate. A total of the assets and liabilities of the business should be obtained, followed by an evaluation of the current net worth of the income earned by the business. After determining the sale price or net worth of other similar business, the largest of the three numbers should be selected so that profitability can be factored in.

Customized purchase agreements could benefit short sale buyers

Investors in Florida who pick up properties as short sales might get good value, but they must protect their interests. The purchase agreement forms the backbone of the deal just like any other type of real estate purchase. An investor has the option of working independently or partnering with a real estate agent. Either approach requires careful attention to the details.

An investor who pursues a short sale opportunity without an agent might wish to develop the terms of the purchase agreement with the advice of an attorney. Pulling a generic purchase agreement form off of the internet might not cover issues specific to the property, and the buyer would have no guarantee that the agreement complies fully with state real estate laws. Copying agreements used by local realtors without permission might infringe upon their copyrights.

The qualities of a good development licensee

If you need to know anything about successful small businesses, it is that innovation drives the marketplace. This means that cultivating new ideas is just as important as nurturing current products. While many would be entrepreneurs have fantastic ideas, getting them to the marketplace in a manner that will make a product successful is a completely different exercise. Because of this, some inventors and entrepreneurs may need help in the development process.

This is where licensing comes in. A license is an agreement between two parties (commonly an inventor and a development company) to use the idea for the purpose of creating a new product or service. Ownership of the idea does not change hands. It remains the sole property of the inventor. However, the collaboration between the two parties gives the development company some right to compensation after the eventual product or service is released to the public.

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